Halloween is almost here! Between the crisp air, the Fall pumpkin everything, and the endless costume options, this time of year is definitely one for memory making.

But for a family in New York City, it can be hard to find Halloween entertainment suitable for kids, especially if you are hosting a party.

You want the party to have the right mix of spectacle – without being too scary – but also not too “kiddy” for the older children.

That’s why I offer two different magic shows – one for the younger kids and a bit more fright for the older ones.

Meet The Friendly Ghost

Things are not going according to plan in my magic show! I’ve arrived at your Halloween party in the hopes of performing a few memorizing tricks but suddenly objects are appearing when they are supposed to be disappearing! Tables and goblets float out of reach as if someone is moving them – but no one is there!

Books are bursting into flames!

In this Halloween magic show – perfect for children between 3-6 years old – I take the children on a magical journey to find out what’s causing the mischief. Turns out we have another friend who wanted to join in on the Halloween fun.

With the children’s help and direction, we finally catch up with the ghost who is behind the ghostly hijinks. And together, we harness the ghost’s magic to levitate a child in mid-air!

It’s a fun and creative show with minimal “scare factor” which is perfect for a younger audience while still bringing the magic of Halloween and Fall to your party or event.

Dracula: Scared and Loving It

What’s Halloween without a little bit of magic from the undead? And who better to host the party than the most famous (and most successful!) vampire villain of all-time –  Count Dracula himself!

Hold on to your fangs because we are in for a funny and frightful ride.

Welcome to Dracula’s Magic Castle where the Count is presenting a comically spooky Halloween magic show.

The Count and his vampire assistant take the children on a tour of Castle Dracula where objects appear, disappear, transform – and even levitate.

But then the magic takes a turn when Dracula cuts off his own arm and instantly restores it showing just how powerful he really is. Soon after, he asks for a brave volunteer (child or parent) to saw in half. But never fear, Dracula puts them back together unharmed.

(The Count is trying to boost his reputation after a few scathing Yelp reviews. He is a vampire after all and sometimes he gets carried away.)

The unique part about this show is that all the “scary stuff” is done in a tongue-in-cheek way. The show feels like a Haunted House ride and parents have reported what a favorite this is because my assistant and I are able to adjust the “scare factor” for different age groups making it a popular choice for a birthday party, Halloween party, or event.

If you’re ready to bring a spooktacular, unique show (where else will you see a levitating child in New York City this October?) to your party, don’t wait. I am almost booked but have a few slots available to help make this your best Halloween yet!

Book your party here.

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