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Star Wars

As Obi Wan Kenobi and my assistant as Princess Leah, we lead the kids in a Jedi training coursethey learn to use the powers of the force to magically levitate, disintegrate, and animate ordinary objects in order to stop Darth Vader from using the Dark Side. The birthday child is suspended in mid-air at the end of the show as they pass their final test in becoming Jedi Knights!

Classic Top Hat Magic Show

Tables, bottles, and wands appear, disappear, and float in the air in this interactive, funny show! From a magical picture that comes to life and speaks to the children, the birthday child and friends help me perform all the magic – even learning to read my mind! As a finale, the birthday child is levitated in mid-air! Custom tailored for ages 3 and up.

Harry Potter

Transport your party into Hogwarts! Professors Dumbledore, Snape, and Trelawney lead an interactive, fun-filled “Wizarding Class” at Hogwarts. The children help the great wizards make objects appear, disappear, and transfigure. During the show, the talking Sorting Hat magically “sorts” everyone into the 4 houses. The birthday child can play either Harry or Hermione. Enhance your party with our amazing balloon hat sculptors who can create anything from Quidditch brooms to Dementors after the show!

Alice in Wonderland

Join the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, and Alice – with the birthday child as “Little Alice” – as we follow a larger than life White Rabbit puppet down the rabbit hole! The Mad Hatter invites everyone to a magical tea party where everything on the table appears, disappears, or floats in the air. The comical Queen of Hearts appears with her giant card tricks as she tries to capture Alice. But the children help Alice magically escape in the nick of time. It is a “very merry un-birthday” musical magic show.

Batman and Catwoman

The criminals of Gotham City have been captured but Catwoman has escaped and stolen priceless jewels! Batman uses incredible magic and the children’s help to capture her. But Catwoman employs magic of her own as she escapes Houdini-like from her handcuffs! Will Batman put Catwoman behind bars for good or has he truly let the cat out of the bag?! Find out by booking the Batman Magic Show for your next party.

Beauty and the Beast

As the Prince who turns into a gentle Beast (my face is visible through the costume so younger children won’t be frightened), Crystal as Belle, and the birthday child as Little Belle or Gaston, the children sing and dance with the actors as the Beast’s magic castle reveals amazing, fun, and mysterious secrets.


Mr. Mistoffelees has arrived to perform his world famous magic tricks. But it seems his magic tricks aren’t working! It’s been so long since he’s performed that he simply can’t remember! His magic book bursts into flames. His magic wand jumps out of his hand. He needs someone who remembers how to do magic. Grizabella appears to help bring the magic back with the help of the children and their special memories. Grizabella performs “Memory” as Mr. Mistoffelees’s magic is fully restored and the birthday child is levitated in mid-air. It’s a fun-filled themed magic show filled with the beautiful music from the Broadway musical with songs like “Memory”, “Mr. Mistoffelees”, “The Jellicle l Ball”, and music from the “Overture.”


As the magical Prince, the funny Stepmother and Lord Boxington (the Royal Magician), I enlist the birthday girl/boy as the Fairy Godmother who helps create all the magic with her trusty wand. Crystal plays a charming Cinderella who magically transforms from rags to riches! Funny and engaging – you’ll love this twist on the classic tale! Watch an excerpt of the fun.

The show was exactly what we wanted! Arnie apprenticed my 5 year old daughter as Cinderella, and mesmerized 25 girls and boys alike. The show was captivating and professionally done, and everyone had tons of fun!

Teri Silvers


Magic seems to have gone missing in Arendelle! But never fear, Elsa has come to the rescue. My lovely “assistant” Crystal plays Elsa in full costume and teaches us her special magic while being extremely careful. As Elsa tries to drink a glass of water, it visibly turns to ice! In fact, everything starts to freeze! Together, we find that the ultimate magic lies in the love the birthday child has for his/her friends, which saves the day! Elsa sings “Let it Go” in her Broadway-caliber voice as we float the birthday child in mid-air! It’s a fun-filled themed magic show for all ages.


Be transported on this magical journey back in time to meet Houdini and his wife, Bess, where they perform their most famous escapes and mesmerizing card magic! Houdini attempts to contact the spirit world with his uncanny mind reading and illusions of paranormal activity. Do the spirits truly walk among us? Find out in this spellbinding show sure to both entertain and educate children. This party is fantastic for ages 7 and up.

Little Mermaid

As Prince Eric and a hilarious Ursula, along with Crystal as Ariel, and the birthday child as “Little Ariel,” we bring the classic movie to life with favorite songs including “Under the Sea” and “Part of Your World.” In the end, the mermaid’s fins magically become feet as Ariel and her prince live happily ever after.

The Magic of Santa

A wizard has cast a spell over the North Pole and Santa has lost his magic! Even Rudolf’s nose has lost its shining light! How will Santa deliver the toys this year? Santa & Mrs. Claus enlist the help of the children. Through their belief and imagination, the magic is amazingly restored as objects appear, disappear, and float in mid-air during this fun-filled holiday magic show for all ages!

Peter Pan

Playing Peter and a hilarious Captain Hook while my assistant Crystal plays Wendy, we also cast the birthday child as Little Peter or Little Wendy. Peter takes the children on a magical journey to Never Land where ordinary objects appear, disappear, and levitate. Captain Hook tries to perform Peter’s magic but the children outsmart him at every turn. The kids learn to fly with Peter and, of course, clap for Tinkerbell! A life-size crocodile puppet adds to the fun and laughter of this unique experience.

Sleeping Beauty

Join me as the magic Prince and the funny, but wicked Maleficent; Crystal as Aurora, and the birthday girl playing “Little Aurora” with favorite songs including “Once Upon a Dream.” The Prince finds Aurora in a magical forest where almost everything appears, disappears, transforms, or floats in mid-air! He promises to return but Aurora has already fallen asleep under Maleficent’s magic spell. Encouraged by the children, the Prince kisses her as the true magic of love is awakened in this timeless tale.

Snow White

As the Prince, the funny Witch and a comical dwarf (with shoes on his knees), Crystal as Snow White, the birthday child as Little Snow White, and six other children playing the other dwarfs, this is sure to be a memorable experience for everyone! As the children try to warn Snow White not to eat the apple the Queen magically creates, they learn the importance of following directions and the consequences of talking to strangers. Sing-a-long songs include “Hi Ho!” and “Whistle While You Work.” A magical kiss wakes Snow White and the love of all her friends causes the birthday girl to float in mid-air!

Wizard of Oz

As the Wizard, Scarecrow and funny Witch, and Crystal as Dorothy, we enlist the birthday child as Little Dorothy, Little Scarecrow, Tin Man, or Lion. Children play the Munchkins, Glinda, and the Winged Monkey. With an authentic backdrop and familiar songs, parents tell us this one brings a tear to their eyes.

Arnie was fabulous!!! 30 4 yr olds were mesmerized and thrilled, and so were the parents. Thank you!!! Everyone was impressed, you should be getting some calls!

Stacey Weiss

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