Frequently Asked Questions

In-Person Show Questions

What is the cost of Arnie's Show?

Our prices are based on the number of performers you book and your proximity to Manhattan. Manhattan birthday parties start at $500.

How long are Arnie's shows?

The shows are 45 minutes long, but the timing can be adjusted according to your needs.

What party times work best?

On the weekends, 11:00 am or earlier, or 3:00 pm or later. During the week, anytime during the day or early evening is fine.

When will Arnie arrive, and after the party begins, what is a good time to start the show?

Arnie will arrive about an hour before your party begins to set up.

The show usually begins 15-30 minutes after the party starts to give your guests time to arrive.

If you want to feed the children first, Arnie will still arrive 60 minutes before the party and begin the show after the kids finish eating.

If you are having other activities, the showtime can be adjusted accordingly.

How much space does Arnie need?

A minimum of 8 feet by 12 feet, which includes the show and the children sitting on the floor, but the more space the better.

Arnie’s backdrop is adjustable, so the ceiling height doesn’t need to be specific.

What do you require for Arnie's set up?

The show needs to be set up against a wall or window, preferably opposite from the entrance to the room.

If possible, it is also better if the show is being performed in a separate room from where the children are eating.

Please provide 2-4 adult size chairs you don’t mind having equipment set on.

What is the age range for Arnie's shows?

Arnie’s shows are individually tailored for ages 3 & up.

Do you have any special rules for the children during the show?

No eating or drinking during the show as the children actively participate and you’ll spend the show cleaning up spills.

Please provide food and snacks before or after the show.

All children 2 years old or younger must be supervised by a parent for their own safety.

Do you require a deposit and is it refundable

We require a 50% deposit (by Venmo or Zelle) when the show is booked.

If you cancel the show, the deposit is nonrefundable but can be applied towards another show on a future date.

How do I pay the balance and when is it due?

The balance is due the day of the show. You may pay Arnie by cash, Venmo or Zelle.

What if Arnie gets sick?

Arnie firmly believes “The show must go on”!

In the highly unlikely event that he were physically incapacitated, we will provide another fabulous magician to take his place.

Does Arnie offer anything in addition to his magic shows?

Absolutely!  Some wonderful additions to make your party extra special are on the Party Extras page.

Am I required to tip Arnie and his assistant?

Tipping is not required but is always appreciated.

Have an upcoming party?

Lock in your desired date and time.

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