Arnie Kolodner performs his Santa & Mrs. Clause Magic show for holiday parties in New York City.

Make your holiday celebration extra special with a Holiday Themed Magic Show.

Enhance your party with Face Painting, Balloon Sculpting and Magic Party Favors!


Scrooge’s Magic World

A magical re-imagining of the classic tale. Arnie plays Scrooge who has promised to entertain children every holiday season to make up for his past mistakes. In the course of the show he recounts his run in with Marley and the three spirits (comically played by Arnie’s assistant in lavish costumes). Amazing magic illusions abound as the spirits try to convince Scrooge of their reality and teach him lessons in charity and goodwill toward men. In the end Scrooge is redeemed and feels so lighthearted he could “float in the air” as he eagerly demonstrates with the aid of the children.


The Friendly Ghost Magic Show

Introducing a Halloween magic show for 3-6 year olds. Things seem to be going awry in Arnie’s show. Objects are appearing when they are supposed to be disappearing. Tables and goblets float out of reach on their own accord. Books burst into flames! Arnie takes the children on a magical journey to find the ghost who is causing the mischief and restore Arnie’s powers. At last, the ghost is captured and the children harness its magic to levitate a child in mid-air!

floating child

Dracula’s Magic Castle

Arnie plays the count in this comically spooky Halloween magic show. The count and his vampire assistant take the children on a tour of Castle Dracula where objects, appear, disappear, transform and levitate. Dracula then cuts off his own arm, restores it and then pretends to saw a child (or parent in half)! Of course they are put back together unharmed. It’s all done tongue-in-cheek and is more like the thrills kids feel in a haunted house ride. Parents have marveled at Arnie’s mastery in adjusting the “scare factor” for different age groups.

Alice and the Easter Bunny

Arnie adapts his Alice and Wonderland story for the holidays. Crystal plays Alice who follows a life-size puppet Easter Bunny down the rabbit hole to Wonderland. There she meets Arnie as the magical Madhatter who performs his wonders at a madcap tea party with the children. Your child can play Little Alice as they escape from the Queen of Hearts. The show features a rousing rendition of a “Very Merry Un-Birthday” as Alice is suspended in mid-air and the Madhatter magically produces chocolate Easter eggs for all!

The Magic of Santa

A wizard has cast a spell over the North Pole and Santa has lost his magic. Even Roudolf’s nose has gone out! How will Santa deliver his toys this year? Santa and Mrs. Claus enlist the help of the children. Through their belief and imagination the magic is amazingly restored as objects appear, disappear and float in mid-air in this fun-filled holiday magic show for all ages!