Enhance your party with Face Painting, Balloon Sculpting and Magic Party Favors!


Balloon Sculpting Beyond Belief!

After the show, our gifted balloon sculptor can create theme-specific balloon art to keep the children engaged for the remainder of your party.


Amazing Magic Trick Party Favors!

Tired of spending money on party favors that kids throw away as soon as they get home? Arnie can teach them a professional magic trick during the show that they take home as a party favor they will treasure. There are three tricks to choose from:

Magic Coloring Book:  When you flip the pages they are all blank, then line drawings appear on every page.  As a grand finale the drawings magically color themselves in.
Flower from Wand:  An empty flower pot is held in the child’s hand. They wave a wand over the pot and a feather flower instantly appears standing in the pot.
Magic Painting:  A painting of a large empty top hat is displayed. Magically an adorable rabbit appears in the top hat.

See Arnie perform these tricks:

Fabulous Face Painting!

Crystal can paint faces or hands in costume as the kids are arriving and then continue after the show until every child is wearing a true work of art!