What makes my magic shows different?

Frankly I hear the answer to this question from parents all the time: “I can’t believe you were able to keep the kids attention for so long! That’s the real magic!”  What’s my secret? I make the kids feel like they are doing the magic. So many magicians “present” magic tricks to kids in order to fool them. This sets up an adversarial relationship with the children that can end in chaos. I always play the adult that doesn’t know what’s happening and desperately needs the kids to help me:

[youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZgai50mA6A width=”640″ height=”360″]

Now I could have just shown the kids a book and make fire appear. This would be impressive. But it would end there and leave the kids guessing (out loud) how I did it. Instead I open the book and pretend not to see the fire. Now the kids have some information that I don’t. And we all know kids love to tell you what they know. Also, seeing me afraid of the fire is very funny. It takes all the heat off of the children (so to speak) and puts it on me. The kids are laughing and engaged the whole time.

There is also a reason I use a book in my various shows. In Star Wars it is a book about the force written by my Jedi master Yoda. In Cinderella the royal magician Lord Boxington (an original character) is asked by the Prince to perform at the ball so he is looking through his book of tricks to decide on the most impressive ones for the Prince. In my shows there is always a reason for the magic to happen. The tricks further the plot in entertaining and surprising ways.

Arnie shows the real magic as the children are enthralled with Peter Pan.In my Peter Pan show I play Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Yes I am a quick change artist as well. Thank God for velcro! As Captain Hook I find some flowers that Peter Pan was going to give Wendy as a present. I make them disappear with some magic in my hook that I stole from Tinkerbell. Later, as Peter Pan when I try to give Wendy her present, the kids have the information as to what happened to the flowers which they are eager to share. “Who thinks we have more magic than Captain Hook?” I ask. The kids pluck imaginary flowers out of the air and throw them to the birthday child.T hey appear magically and all is well. Check out my video page to see more examples of our unique interactive style of entertaining children. Watching their reactions is the best show of all!

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