Did you know that Cats was the longest running musical on Broadway? Shattering records as the cast sang and danced every night in Manhattan for 18 years?

(Ok, you might!)

But with the recent Broadway revival here in New York City, it seems Cats is bigger than ever and is impacting the next generation in major ways!

Lately, I have had such high demand for a Cats themed magic show that I decided to create a one-of-a-kind story dedicated to the popular musical.

It’s quickly becoming one of my personal favorites because it’s always a great feeling to be able to combine Broadway music with magic. It creates a unique and special experience for a birthday party or event that’s truly unforgettable!

Mr. Mistoffelees With a Twist

When creating a new show, it’s always important to establish a major character that the children will be rooting to help. Mr. Mistoffelees seemed like the perfect choice as he, too, has some magical abilities.

That’s why I have Mr. Mistoffelees arriving at the birthday party to perform his world famous magic tricks. The secret is that this is one of his first performances in a long time. As he’s nervous for his comeback, it seems he simply can’t remember how to be the magical showman he once was – and none of his magic tricks are working!

His magic book bursts into flames. His magic wand jumps out of his hand. And it seems he desperately needs someone who remembers how to do magic. The fire book and magic wand instantly grab the children’s attention and hold them there – especially when they realize they may be the key to helping Mr. Mistoffelees regain his magic!

The Power of Memories

Enter Grizabella who arrives to bring the magic back. But she quickly realizes that she can’t do it without the help of the children and their favorite memories.

By asking the children to think of their favorite memories – summer vacations, after school ice cream, time spent with their parents and friends – whatever their memories will be, Grizabella helps the children understand that remembering the special times in their lives, and using that positivity has the power to bring back the magic!

Grizabella performs “Memory” as Mr. Mistoffelees’s magic is fully restored and the birthday child is levitated in mid-air!

By combining the beautiful and lyric-catchy music from the Broadway musical – “Memory”, “Mr. Mistoffelees”, “The Jellicle Ball”, and music from the “Overture,” – my team and I create a unique themed magic show that’s not only fun and humorous, but is also unexpectedly touching for the children and parents.  

Want to experience the magic of Cats for yourself? Or find your favorite customized magic show? I can help make your next party a truly unforgettable experience! (Levitation always included.)

Discover our variety of customized magic shows and book a party here.

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