Hello everyone! Welcome to my new website and my first blog!

I offer two types of magic shows for birthday parties;  a one performer classic magic show, or you can choose a two performer themed magic show where my assistant and I act out a story weaving magic into the plot.

Since every child’s favorite princess these days seems to be Elsa, I am pleased to announce that we have created a special new “Frozen” Magic Show. The show starts out as a classic magic show but the tricks are not working! Somehow I’ve lost my powers. But never fear. Elsa comes to the rescue. My lovely assistant Crystal plays Elsa in full costume and teaches us her magic. We have to be careful though as I try to drink a glass of water it visibly turns to ice! In fact everything starts to freeze! But then we discover that the love in the birthday child’s heart for all her friends saves the day. I ask Elsa if she will share the source of her magic and she sings “Let it Go” in her Broadway soprano voice as we float the birthday child in mid-air! It’s a fun-filled themed magic show for all ages.

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