We have created an exciting new magic show!  It explores the life and times of Harry Houdini. I play Houdini and Crystal plays his wife Bess in fabulous period costumes! We recreate several famous escapes including handcuffs, stocks and chains. Houdini was also known as the King of Cards so amazing card magic is presented. We then teach the children that Houdini famously exposed spirit mediums.  Throughout the show we demonstrate feats of mind reading and psychic phenomena that would make The Mentalist green with envy! The birthday child even reads my mind and divines the bag containing a deadly spike saving my life (or at least my hand). As with all of our shows the grand finale is the levitation of the birthday child!

Just last week we debuted the show and the eight year olds loved it. You can see the birthday boy below testing out the stocks for our great escape. Bess is locked in and changes places with Houdini in 3 seconds!


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