Historically, a magician’s assistant helps with different illusions either as a living prop (think being “sawed” in half) or helping with other tasks throughout the show. Often, assistants are highly talented singers and dancers that help establish the overall theme and mood, while keeping the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats.

Magic Done Differently

However, if you’ve seen a show or been following my work, you know we do things a little different around here. My “assistants” during the show are always the kids. As I’ve shared before, many magicians present their shows with them already having the special skills to make the magic happen.

What I have found in my work is that children want to help – they want to be part of the story. Children want to feel validated and needed. And so, the kids are always the catalyst for the resolution.

So they are key players in figuring out where I’ve gone “wrong” and have the crucial information to make it all right again. With the levitation of a child during every show, the kids also get a rare opportunity to literally be part of the magic rather than just watching a spectacle of color and fire from the audience.

Meet Crystal

There are a few show themes that require an additional character or co-creator and I have been lucky enough to find an exceptional multi-talented performer! Crystal’s Broadway-caliber singing voice and acting have helped me bring many of the classic tales to life for our audiences with a unique spin.

From Elsa in Frozen, Princess Leia in Star Wars, to Trelawney in Harry Potter, and many other of the classic heroines like Cinderella and Ariel, Crystal is a truly a crowd favorite.  

Crystal is also an exceptionally talented face painter. She can easily transport your child the story or magical theme without needing a special costume.

From a quick lightning bolt to a full Bellatrix Lestrange look-alike for our Harry Potter enthused audiences to the animal companions of many of the Disney heroines, Crystal can paint faces or hands as the kids are arriving and then continue after the show until every child is wearing a true work of art!

Easily removable with soap and water, face painting is a fun way to engage each child within minutes and keeps them excited about the story and the lessons they’ve learned.

Where You’ve Seen Her

In addition to our work together, Crystal is an actress and filmmaker, specializing in creating compelling characters. Her work has taken her to China, Korea, and all over the US, Canada, and Mexico.

You also may have seen her on “One Life To Live” or many TV commercials including Snuggle, GE, Friendly’s and Spray and Wash.  She’s also an award-winning filmmaker. Her film Girl Clown – which she wrote and starred in – recently finished a successful U.S. film festival run.

Crystal also has extensive theater credits to her name, including national and international tours of Evita, The Wizard of Oz, and Cinderella!

When booking your next show, be sure to ask the themes and stories where Crystal is part of the day. Her talents are a memorable addition to any show and you never want to miss a chance to hear her rendition of “Let It Go” from Frozen!

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